Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where i was...

Ok i will start with a picture...

So this is at the "Seattle Harvest Crusade" at Key Arena. I went on Saturday and saw...
Hawk Nelsen


Jeremy Camp

And last But not least 
Greg Laurie
Sadly i did not get a clear picture of him :(

And then i went on Sunday and saw

 Mercy Me

  Jars of Clay

and the Katinas which i did not get a clear picture of ether :(

Here is Greg Laurie and NickVujicic

Nick Vujicic was born with out arms or legs
 (he's on the table) 

Here are some of the people coming down, after the message,
to excerpt Jesus in there heart and be saved.  

Here are most the people that came down!!!!!!
Go Jesus!!!!!!!!

 It was AMAZING!!!!!!! If any of you happen to live near where there will be another "Harvest Crusade" it is defiantly an event to go too. Here are some links.... 

Harvest Crusade:

So that is were i went. And had an AMAZING time!

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