Friday, January 7, 2011

Im Still Here

Some of you may have been wondering if i was still here or "if i got lost and eaten by bears" or just fell off the face of the earth. Well here is where i have been.....

#1 From November 14-17 i was in California moving my sister-in-law Ashleigh up to Washington.

#2 From November 23-28 i was in Oregon at a family camp for thanksgiving.

#3 From November 29- December 4 i was in Centralia,WA at some friends house.

#4 From December 10 - December 23 I was in Texas (and every were in between) for my brothers wedding.

Jeremiah and Ashleigh

Cassie and Dean Wedding July 30 2011

Josh and Hannah Wedding July 10 2011

For more wedding pics go Here

#5 In my house catching up on school work.

So thats what i have been up too sense November. What have you been up too???

Pictures courtesy of Brother Bens photography and Sister Cassies photography

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