Monday, April 11, 2011

Track, Meet n' Greet Monday and other stuff

Hello blogging world how has your week been??? First off i would life to say that to day i am being interviewed on Meet n' Greet monday

Go over and check it out.

Today was also my first day of track!!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray
Here is a pic from last year...

In other news.... on Saturday my mom and I went to Davids Bridle so i could try on my bridesmaid dress for Josh and Hannahs wedding!!!! And to pick up my other bridesmaid dress for Cassie and Deans wedding!!!! SOO exiting. I cant wait for both weddings. There going to be SWEET!!!!! I wont show you a picture of the dresses but i will tell you some details. 

For Cassies wedding my dress is long, dark purple and V neck. 

For Hannahs wedding mine is sort, dark purple and spaghetti strap.

They are both SOOO cute. Hope you got a good picture in your mind :)

Well Have a Good Week!!!!!

Ps dont for get to go check out Nicolasa's blog

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