Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Did you know that.... to day (June 3rd) is National Donut Day????

(photo from google)      

Heres some af the different kinds of donuts....
Jelly Filled
Cake Donuts
Bacon Donuts(seriously)
Bear Claw
 Apple Friter
Maple Bar

And lots lots more!!!
What is your favorite kind of donut????

Sorry for the late post!!! I wasn't sure what todays "Fun Fact" was going to be. But then at dinner my dad reminded me that to day was National Donut day!!!! So if you still have time go eat a Donut!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


Vicky said...

Oh man! I was at Pike's Place Market today and almost bought a few fresh-made mini doughnuts!

Deborah said...

My favorite is lemon filled with a great cup of coffee:)