Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

This is my brother Ben...

Today he turns 18.

Today he becomes an adult.

Today he became an "old man"
(wink wink)

Im just happy he doesn't look like this...

(photo form google)

but looks like this instead...

He is a photographer.
(one of my favorite pics that he has taken)

He is a runner.
And a state Champion!!!

He is the best 18 year old brother i have.
(oh wait he is the only 18 year old brother i have!)

He helped me pic out my running shoes.

He will probably help me pic out a new camera too.

We are brother and sister, but we are also friends.

Even thou we are 3 years apart we still have a GREAT friendship.

Which is great!!!

I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

So this is for you Ben...

May the next 18 years be as fun as the last 18!
Im soooo thankful that you are my brother.

You can visit his blog and wish him a happy birthday


Mira said...

from this post, I can tell you really love your brother. I understand it, I have 2 brothers and I am so happy to have them. :))

Alexandra said...

Awww, that's sweet, Hosanna. You're right though, he is an old man now ;) ;). Hehe. He's pretty great for an eighteen year old guy, i must admit. :) You two make me smile.