Thursday, October 13, 2011


So we have lots of my great grandpas old books. Like so old that 2 are from 1896! My Great Grandpa Cecile, Grandpa Cec is what we call him. He would have been 105ish this year. But he past away about 13 years ago :( His brother, my great uncle, Cloude is 102. We went down to California in 2009 for his 100th birthday! Anyway we have lots of his,his sisters and my Grandpas old book.  We got some new bookshelfs so that we could put all our old book on them. When i put them on the shelf i took some pictures Enjoy!

The Tempest
Copyright 1920

Roberts Rules of Order
Copyright 1915

Edger Allen Poe

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin!

One of them in copyright 1896 and the other is 1897!

Copyright 1897

These next two are probably my favorite!

"The Winston Dictionary"
Copyright 1940

All our old books!
(ok we do have more, we just dont know where they are!)

This last one im entering in "A Photo Challenge"

Have a GREAT day!!!


Vicky said...

Oh how I love books! I visited a house this summer that had shelves of old children's books. It was like a little piece of heaven to me. :)

Great pictures, Hosanna!!!

Courtney said...

Eek Hosanna!!! Edgar Allen Poe! You should read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography one day, I really liked it. The other day I had six dollars and I was going to buy protien bars but I accidentally spent it on vintage books! But none of them as old as 1896... What the heck? <3