Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The CIty Harmonic

So the other day i went to "The City Harmonic" concert! It was AMAZING!!!! My Mom, Sarah and i went. It was the craziest thing, so the concert was on Thursday and on Wednesday night i hear the ad on the radio and im like "Hey mom can we go to this?" She's like "Ok, lets go" So we went! It was the "Hello Somebody Tour" It was them and Aaron Gillespie. Here are some pictures...

Sarah and I getting ready!

They all got up and Sang "Swing Low Sweat Cherri-O"

And he even played the harmonica!
It was SWEET!!!

And then he looked at the camera! Ya! Im not sure if you can see it, but if you zoom in you can!

Then they all switched instruments!

Both lead singers! 
Elias and Aaron.

Sarah and I with the guys!

Go to there website... http://thecityharmonic.com/
and make sure you check out "Hello Somebody" The sponsors of the tour and the name sake.
They are an amazing organization! They feed 1 million people in 1 year! Its great!

Pictures of Aaron Gillespie and AJ Cheek coming soon!

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