Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Love is a Condition...

...In which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." 
-Robert Heinlein

Hey, I'm Ky from The Birds Say, "I Love You" and I'm guest posting for Hosanna {thanks for inviting me!} 

Valentine's Day is a week away, and I know I'm diligently working on my upcoming {this Saturday} date with Evan {My Man.} He has taken me on countless dates, and planned an incredible 6 months anniversary scheme not to long ago- and I really wanted to be in charge of planning Valentine's Day... so after begging- He said okay. :)

{This is us...}

That being said I have really been pondering what I can do to make this Valentine's Day the best anyone has ever seen... 

Here are so super cute ideas that I have done, or am planning to do... 

This is actually mine {it is on my nightstand...} 
Evan and I have a long distance relationship, and so I went on Google Maps and typed in his address and my own and then took a "Screenshot" on my computer... uploaded it to Picnik.com {you could also do it in Word} and put hearts over the "A" {Point A} and "B" {Point B.} It is super cute.

This is felt heart garland I made...  CLICK HERE to see how I did it for under $4.

I adore this ruffle card- I'm making this for Ev for sure! So cute! Eeeep! 

These "I love you more than..." brown bags are SO easy to make with the free printable offered HERE.

Wanna dress up your boring papers? Make these super cute heart paper clips in all of 3 seconds... ha. Perfect.

Oh-my-goodness-gracious. These look absolutely scrumptious! Mmm. I wanna eat one right now! You have to check out this recipe HERE.

Heart-shaped cupcakes? Could it get any cuter or easier? Just plop a marble or small ball of foil in a cupcake pan! I have to try this.

Could these get any cuter? Seriously?! I have already bought the googly eyes! Hehe.

...And I made this outfit on Polyvore- is it not the cutest? Goodness. I need it... Now.

Unfortunately though- it is going to be 45 degrees on Saturday, and the date I'm planning is going to be outside- so I'm going to have to be bundled up... 

So what are you doing to do for Valentine's Day?

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And thanks for having me...

He Reigns,

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Sydney said...

aw! everything here is so cute! :)
and i LOVE the first idea with the map. A-DORE-A-BLE! :D so, i'm kinda gonna steal that idea...i'll be giving credit to you of course :)