Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Once upon a...


Thats the musical i have been in sense october.

Thats the musical that is the story of "The Princess and The Pea."

Thats the musical i have put so much of my energy into.

Thats the musical that has kept me so busy.

Thats the musical where i met soo many GREAT people!

Thats the musical that has started my HS musical career.

Thats the musical i now love!

Thats the musical that i have had soo much fun being in.

Thats the musical that i learned im a good bird ;)

Thats the musical where i made some great memories!

Thats the musical i know all the songs to.

Thats the musical i will never forget!

Thats the musical that saterday night was the last show.

Thats the musical that is now over :(  

"Once Upon A Mattress"...

Thats the musical i wish wasnt over! 

The cast!


There is soo much i could say right now. 
But i cant say it all so i will just say this... 

"You rock my nylons off"
(wink wink)

You all have a very special place in my heart! You guys are soo amazing! I cant wait till next year!


You guys are AMAZING! Though i only met most of you this year you are all amazing! Thanks for being so great and welcoming me in the way you did! I cant thank you enough! Im super sad that i couldn't have been in more musicals with you! You guys are soo talented! I hope you all come back next year and say hello! I will miss you guys!!! 

Our amazing director! She is the one that...
Stayed later then everybody else.
Came and did the set on sundays!
Made sure everything was amazing!
Pushed us to be our best.
Stayed up really late working on details.

Tina im SO thankful for all you did to make this show AMAZING! Thanks soo much for trusting me with so much!  I cant wait to work with you next year!!!

Our fantastic choreographer! We couldn't have done it with out you!!! If we had to do it with out you it wouldn't have been sooo GREAT! Your amazing!!! Cant wait till next year!!!
<3 Lasagna ;)

You guys are amazing!!! We couldn't have had a show with out you. Keep up the good work!

Tech Crew
Y'all are beast! Without you we would have had no sound or lights.   You guys made us sound/look so good! Even when one of you were sick, the rest of you stepped up and picked up the slack. You guys are amazing!

Set Crew
You guys are so great! Running around back stage making sure all the sets and props are where they should be. The show would have been really boring with out you!

I wish this wasn't over. I wish this could go on forever.
But i know all things have to come to an end someday. Which is sad but true. 

For those of you who have never been in a musical, and think im just emotional. After being in a musical you and the other cast are like family! So after being together for 4 months and now not, its sad and hard. Maybe its harder for me because im homeschooled and wont see them at school. But thats not all of it. Even people that will continue to see each other at school are sad. They cried  after the last show. Because though you may see them at school its still not the same. Ya im a freshman so it shouldn't be so hard for me cause this was my first year, but i still built friendships with these amazing people. I know im really sad, but just think of the seniors who this is there last year. 

Their last year to be in the cast. 
Their last year to be behind the curtain. 
Their last year to sing and dance on that stage.
 Im sad. Not only for me but for them.

Im sad, but im also excited. 

Excited for next year.
Excited for the seniors lives that they have ahead of them.
Excited for the friendships that i will make next year.
Excited that i have 3 more years left.

Im sad. Im excited. Im happy. 

Its hard, but i will get over it. 
At least i hope so :)

Ok. Now for some pictures...

Me and Tina

Ashlie and Claire 

The Cast

Us being crazy!!!

The cast, crew and orchestra.

Can you say CRAZY? 

Im going to miss all these wonderful, amazing talented, crazy people! Hope to see lots of you next year!!!

Come back tomorrow for more pictures!!!

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

It was a WONDERFUL show! I'm so excited for you, and the years you have ahead of you to perform in more shows. You did GREAT! So proud of you!!!

mama :)