Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Rambling

So i guess im on a writing high. Because here is another post with mostly writing! Hope you enjoy!

Happiness is...

Costcos Frozen Yogurt stuff! YUM!
(photo from google)

Going to youth group and just hanging out with friends!

My dad getting a job! 

Quotes like "You rock my nylons off"

Seeing people you haven't seen in like 3 weeks!

Little kids laughing! Its soo cute!

Eating homemade Pad Thai! So good!

Randomly going to costco with your brother.

Getting new track spikes!!! 
(photo from google)

Getting one more follower! Welcome Daisy!

Sadness is...

Having it be only the 2nd week of track and having shin splints :( 

Icing your shin splints. Its cold after a while.  

Getting track spikes that dont fit :(

Not seeing people your used to seeing everyday.

Trying to get together with a friend for coffee and not being able to :(

Being all done with the musical :(

Well there are my random ramblings! Hope you all have a great day!!!


Alexandra said...

Miss Hosanna Joy,

I love you! Hope you know that! Yes, things don't always feel as good as they once did, but guess what? Life is good. God is good! And you are the best not little sister ever! Not only do you feel like a sister to me, but you've become one of my best friends! Just thought i'd let ya know how great you are! I love watching you grow into not only a godly young woman, but a beautiful one at that!

<3 Alex

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!And thanks for the welcome!! :D