Monday, March 19, 2012

Singing (and taking pictures) in The Rain

Do you ever just feel like taking pictures? Do you ever see something or a place and think "that would be a great picture"? Well that happened to me the other night! The funny thing is that i didnt even get the picture i "saw" But thats ok, because i got some great pictures! Enjoy!

 The Sunset...

and a tree
  in the window

in a puddle!

This may look like a HUGE puddle and it is! :)
Whenever it rains the street we live on collects a lot of water and i saw the puddle, or should we call it a like?, and was like "oh its picture time!"
It was really pretty!


A Grate 
 Firehydrant anyone?

more sunset and puddle

Hey look its me!

Well i hope ya'll have a wonderful evening! 


Kati Rose said...

So lovely Hosanna!!

Jennifer Blair said...

Ah, I love rainy day pictures!

Catrina said...

ooooh, i miss my washington rain.

Jazzie. said...

I LOVE the ones of the puddles! And your headband in the last photo is too cute!(:

Hosanna said...

Thank you all for the comments! They mean soo much to me!

Susan A said...

hello Hosanna, I loved your pics over at your mom's blog. And the fire hydrant looks like it's got an upside-down owl on it?? :)

hope its alright for me to visit your blog :)