Sunday, April 29, 2012

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!!!

Track is underway, well its actually almost done :( But we aren't going to talk about that right now. Anyways so track is underway and im having soo much fun! Track is sooo great!!! Iv made some great friends, ran some great races and just had a lot of fun! Here are some pics from 2 of the track meets...

Northwest Conference 
 JV Championship 
Track Meet

Me in the 100m

Me getting ready for the 4x100m relay

Cynthia handing off to Josie

Go Josie go!

Me handing off to Adonia

Cynthia running the 200m

Me and Adonia running the 200m

Go Go Go!!!

I ended up getting 2nd with a time of 29.71 seconds!

Northwest Conference 
Track meet

Sofia starting the 4x100m relay

Alexa finishing the 4x100m

Caleb getting ready for the 400m

Go Caleb go!

Maddi starting the 400m

Finishing strong!

Eli running the 300m hurdles

Ben(my brother) in the 200m
(in the green and yellow)

Brandon staring off the 4x400m relay

Brandon handing off to Ben

Ben handing off to Jalani

Jalani handing off to Caleb

Well thats what we do! We run track! 

Have a WONDERFUL sunday!

PS although my watermarks are on all the pictures i did not take all of them, but i did take most of the ones im not in, my mom took the rest!

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