Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday {part 6}

Hello everyone! Sorry i haven't posted in a week. Iv been quite busy. And to prove my point this post was supposed to be written yesterday and posted this morning but now its thursday night and by the time you read this its going to be friday already! Crazy how time flies by! Talking about time flying can you believe its already August??? I cant! So before more time flies by ill tell you a few things im thankful for...

1. Sunny weather! Oh its sooo wonderful!!! You who dont live in the pacific north west are probably like "what? its been sunny for months" Well here in washington its just gotten to be "normal" (whatever that is) summer weather, as in hot and sunny for lots of days in a row. This Saturday its supposed to get up to 84 degrease!!! For here in western WA thats hot!!!

2. S'mores that are hug! As in the size of your hand! It was really good :) But quite bad for me :(
it was made with these jumbo marshmallows...

3. Getting most of my room put back together :) and putting up most of my pictures! Yay for mostly organized bedrooms! I'll do another post when im all finished redoing my room :)

4. Memories. They are amazing! I dont know what id do without them. I have sooo many GREAT memories! What are some of your favorite memories?

Well its now 11:45pm and i need to go to bed so goodnight all and to all a good night :) 
See you soon!


Kayla Diacogiannis said...

Your room turned out soon good sis! I love it :)

Madi said...

Hey Hosanna! Room looks AMAZING. I'm jealous... Still sharing a bunk with P. :/
So looking forward to more pics! Itd be cool to see before/after pics... I am looking for some ideas to revamp my room. :)