Monday, August 20, 2012

Up Up and Away!

ok the titles kinda lying cause im not going up, im going down. South that is. Im going camping this week. And i also went camping last week, thus no "thankful thursday" :( So im here to tell you that i have not dropped of the face of the earth, im just camping. :)
 In other news how do you all like the new design? I really like it and i hope you do to! 
So guess what?
Remember when i shared this picture
of my sisters baby?

Well its a BOY!
They found out last week. 
Im really excited. 
But i do have to say that i was kinda hoping for a girl. But its not about what i want. God had a different plan and im fine with that. I cant wait to meet this little guy!  

Well thats about all the exciting news from my life. 
I'll try to post a "thankful thursday" this week, but no promises :)
See you all next week!

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