Sunday, September 2, 2012

Second Day of School Outfit



Thats me my second day of school. Sorry no first day of school picture :( I forgot! 

Cardigan- JC Pennies 
V-neck- Aeropostale 
Braclets- Forever 21 
Headband- Homemade :) 

My bun is a "sock bun"incase your wondering. 

Well thats what i looked like my second day of school. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful memorial weekend! 


Madi said...

BEAUTIFUL! So fall! You have such good taste. :) Btw the bracelets are so cute!

Madi said...

Sorry.. On more thing. :) What camera have you been using lately? What lens did you use for these shots? Love 'em!

Hosanna said...

Thanks :) I use my moms Nikon D70 and the lens i use mostly is her sigma 28-80. But hopefully im going to get my own DSLR camera soon!! :)

In Christ

Madi said...

So cool! Yeah everybody asks me if I have my own camera yet.. But it's usually Courtney's I'm using! Hopefully by April/May 2013 i'll have my own, the D7000. :D

Kianna Rose said...

Nikon sister!!! What model do you have?